On Feb 5th, 2018, Mr. Watanabe Toshihiko, CEO of SME Support (Japan) made a business visit to VJCC Institute. He was welcomed by Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien - Director of VJCC, Mr. Sasaki Juichiro - Chief Advisor and Ms. Otoguro - Coordinator of VJCC in Hanoi. 

At the meeting, Mr. Watanabe Toshihiko mentioned the lastest cooperation between SME Support and VJCC, mainly through training trip to Japan of Keieijuku learners and through the new connection made for 170 Keieijuku companies joining the J-Goodtech Japan network in the past 02 years. 

The success of this cooperation has contributed to the fulfillment of the mission of connecting Japanese business networks with those of other Asian countries, among which Vietnam's is an important partner. This is also the main content of the "CEO Network Enhancing Project" currently operated by SME Support.

Together with the purpose of supporting Japanese SMEs in new Asian markets, the projects, conducted in big cities of Japan, focuses on 04 main sectors: Company visits, Business Networking 1:1, Lectures and Networking parties.

Mr. Wanabe expressed his expectation to continue the cooperation with VJCC by introducing more Vietnamese enterprises into J-Goodtech network. He emphasized that for Keieijuku enterprises which have already become members of J-Goodtech and have shared details on their business sectors and expectation on collaborate with Japanese partners, J-Goodtech is very willing to help promote meetings, discussions among members.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Hien - Director of VJCC thanked Mr. Wanabe on his trust that resulted in the support VJCC received from SME Support in the past years. And for sure, VJCC will continue send more information of Keieijuku learners who expect to have more opportunity to work with Japanese partners and VJCC will always support SME Support in general and the project CEO Network Enhancing.

The meeting among representatives of SME Support and VJCC Institute ended in great business harmony, marking a promising beginning of the new year 2018.