PR service

Whoever has been learning Japanese language or exploring Japanese culture should know about VJCC Institute's activities. 

With an aim of providing practical and updated information on recruitment, as well as of connecting enterprises with their targeted customers, VJCC is offering PR services on our 03 channels, attracting a huge number of interested students and individuals:

1. VJCC website


On this platform, we update information of many topics: Japan's culture, politics and economy; Vietnam - Japan relationship; available courses on Japanese language, Business; and exchange activities - studying abroad. On average, VJCC's website welcomes more than 1500 visitors/day, which proves it to be a potential information board for enterprises and organizations. 

 2. VJCC's database

If you are overwhelmed by information available on VJCC's website, then VJCC's database with categorized information is what you need. Gathered data is of more than 5000 people interested in learning Japanese and studying/working in Japan. Making direct contact through email collected from our database is always a good way of delivering correct and specific information to targeted segments of customers. 

3. VJCC's bulletin board


Though considered traditional compared to above channels, VJCC's bulletin board still does well in delivering information to groups of students who spend little time on the Internet. The bulletin board is located right in the entrance of Foreign Trade University, passed by both students and teachers. VJCC always encourages enterprises/organizations to use this channel.

For more details of PR service, please contact: Ms. Phuong (+844-3775-1278, ext:  111)